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Welcome to Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services. Please take a moment to discover what makes us unique and a great asset to your quest to learn more about your Ancestors. Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services is a small company based in the Gaspe Peninsula and was founded by Sandra Blanchette, PLCGS. Sandra Blanchette is the main Genealogist for this company. OUR MISSION Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services specializes in Gaspe Basin and Gaspe Peninsula Genealogy. Our mission is to provide Genealogical Services and Products, in English and in French, to youth and adults across the world, to aid them in retracing ancestors and relatives in the Gaspe Basin and the Gaspe Peninsula. By this, we contribute to informing the public on genealogical advancements on the profession of Genealogists, as well as its Standards. OUR VISION Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services assists people in discovering their Heritage one Ancestor at the time. We believe that everyone
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