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Rising Intent produces literary and artistic work of the highest quality, integrity and intent. Our mission is to embody and encourage the rise of consciousness and well-being in a continually evolving world. Creations produced by Rising Intent are open-minded and positively oriented; they resonate with the awakening knowledge of humanitys potential for greatness. The perspectives offered represent a balance between science and spirituality, the synchrony of matter with essence, a deep respect for the natural world, and harmony between peoples of all cultures and creeds. is a site dedicated to discussing the worldview taught by the Christian Scriptures.
Show Up Strong in life and business. Combining real-world experience with the science of human behavior to become unstoppable. No matter what situation stands in front of you, your approach and your agenda determine your success. Here is where you grow the mindset of resilience and gain a deeper perspective to see beyond the superficial, short-term fixes, sound bites, and flavor of the month techniques. You'll be able to see your blinds spots, your opportunities, and have the wisdom to implement a new way of navigating your personal and business life with more fulfillment, meaning, and impact. How you approach winning and losing is how you navigate life. To Show Up Strong in how you react, how you process, how you motivate yourself and others, how you navigate the messiness of life and business, how you tactically maneuver uncharted territory and the revolving door of unwanted scenarios. It's who you are and the role you play in every situation.
Thrally represents a channel to achieve individual and community wellbeing. This is done through the design and implementation of tools that include such items as, but not limited to, an app, handbook, book, merchandise, info-products and materials, speaking, training, coaching, business enterprise solutions, et cetera. Ultimately, Thrally is a philosophy based on researched knowledge whose wisdom is coming to life in simple, well-built tools to support the spread of wellbeing and happiness. The name is based-off fusing two power thoughts, thrive and rally, into one--Thrally. Our word creation Thrally is defined as: Your device to ignite your life (thrive) by positively motivating your being (rally). Why Statement: To be an active agent in others discovery of their authentic path to wellbeing. Vision: A transformational culture which serves as a guiding light to a wider awareness on how to live a joyful life that is all your own. Mission: To bring to life tools anyone c
Unleash the intuitive power within with former Navy SEAL and CIA Security Operative.
Is it possible we are losing our identity as Christians because we have such little knowledge of our past? By embracing our history, we can strengthen our faith and become a conduit for our heritage to continue to the next generation.
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